Beyond Burgers: Burger King’s Recipe for Brighter Futures & Healthier Eyes

By | March 18, 2024

You might think Burger King just makes flame-grilled Whoppers, but there’s another side to this fast-food giant. They understand that investing in education is one way to build a better future. That’s why they created the Burger King Scholars program. Of course, with all that studying comes a whole lot of screen time – and that can be hard on our eyes. Let’s look at how this scholarship helps students achieve their dreams and how to protect those precious peepers while we’re at it.

A Scholarship with a Long and Tasty History


Did you know the Burger King Scholars program has been around since 2000? That’s a lot of students getting help with college costs! They’ve teamed up with the McLamore Foundation and others to make higher education a reality for thousands across the U.S. and Canada.

Who’s Eligible? (And How to Lessen That Screen Strain)


To get this scholarship, you need to be a high school senior or a Burger King employee rocking a good GPA and showing that you care about your community.

  • Eye Break! It’s time for the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It helps your eyes refocus!

This Scholarship Serves Up More Than Cash

Sure, the Burger King Scholarship helps pay for college – a huge deal in itself! But, it also opens doors to mentors. These are pros that give guidance and help students figure out their paths. That kind of support is priceless.


How to Apply (And Give Your Eyes a Rest)

Applications usually mean online forms, sending those transcripts, and writing essays about yourself. Deadlines matter, so don’t delay!

  • Eye Break! Tired of the screen? Use your phone’s dictation feature to ‘speak’ your essays – then revise them later.

Tips for Winning: Show Your Sparkle!


This is your chance to highlight what makes you special: grades, volunteering, how you’ve conquered challenges. Tell your story in a way that makes them want to invest in you.

Success Stories: Fueled by Scholarships and Eye Care

There are tons of amazing people who got a leg up from the Burger King Scholarship. Their successes show that with determination, financial help, and keeping those eyes healthy, anything is possible!

Bigger Picture: Healthy Eyes, Healthy Futures

Burger King is changing lives, one scholarship at a time. They’re not just making students’ dreams happen; they’re helping communities thrive.

Eyes on the Prize

The Burger King Scholarship program is a fantastic opportunity. If you’re aiming for college, check it out! While you do, remember – screen time is tough on your eyes. Use the 20-20-20 rule, change your screen brightness, and blink often. Your future self (and your eyes) will thank you!


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