Facebook video autoplay; How to turn off video autoplay on Facebook in easy steps 2023

By | January 19, 2022


Howdy readers. In this article, I will go to show you how to turn off video autoplay on Facebook. Also, you will know what the Facebook video autoplay is, so let’s get started.


What is Facebook  video autoplay

Facebook is the most popular social platform, with more than billions of thousands of users. Facebook helps its users to meet their friends and family online and chat with them.

In addition, Facebook helps people promote their products to reach their customers. Facebook video autoplay is the playing of videos that you may not want it. Facebook does that for any user until he turns it off.


What is video autoplay on Facebook 

Video autoplay is the playing of videos without clicking or torching them or without requiring them to play. Many social platforms have this setting in their platform or their app, which helps them to show videos to users automatically. That’s why Facebook has this setting on their site, known as Facebook video autoplay. They use it to play videos to their users in a news feed and when users watch some videos.

Why to Facebook show video autoplay

To promote products and videos to their customers. Facebook shows videos automatically to their users to help their advertisers partner to reach their target audience. in this process, Facebook Facebook video autoplay, Facebook plays the video automatically to the users that may not be interested in videos.

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Why turn off video autoplay on Facebook

As said in the process of Facebook video autoplay, Facebook plays some uninterested videos to their users to engage more customers with their advertiser’s partner. Also, if the video is played, it will tell Facebook that you were interested in the video. Facebook will start showing the related videos with that one, so now let’s try to stop it.


Steps on how to turn off video autoplay on Facebook

Before moving, you must know that you must enable your mobile data connection in this process. So without wasting time, let’s start.

  1. Open your Facebook.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Find and click media.
  4. Please turn it off.
  5. Then click ok.

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People also want to know about that

  • Can turning off video autoplay affect my Facebook

No, video autoplay on Facebook is an optional setting, which you can use if you want. And you can disable it at any time if you wish.

  • Can I continue viewing videos When I turn off video autoplay on Facebook

You can continue viewing, playing, searching, and saving videos even if you turn off video autoplay on Facebook.

  • Can I turn off the video autoplay on Facebook using Facebook Lite

Yes, follow the steps mentioned above and follow the same process on your Facebook Lite to stop video autoplay.


I hope this is very helpful to you. So please share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions, please feel free to write them here.


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