MTN Momo agent commission: Beginners And Intermediates Guides Best Ways 2023

By | January 10, 2022

Do you know that the MTN momo agent Commission can help to get the high profitability of thousands of Naira? So let’s start understanding what Momo is and how to earn with it. You can also earn with MTN momo POS

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What is MOMO agent

Momo agent is a digital financial service found by MTN Nigeria Company. To help people with digital services, they provide financial services like POS services, Bank transactions, withdrawals, Deposits, utility payments, buying airtime, and data for their customers.

What are the benefits of MTN MOMO agent

As we all know that any company brings benefits for themselves, agents and customers. It is like MTN MOMO agents provide very high profits for their agent, which is known as commission. for each transaction the agent did on MTN MOMO agent, he will get his commission which depends on the transaction types but withdrawals and Deposits have the highest commission.


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MTN MOMO agent Commission

MTN Momo agents provide a good commission for their agent, which depends on the transaction. As I have said that bank transfers, withdrawals, and Deposits are very high in commission. So now, let’s calculate the commission of each transaction.

How Much Is Momo POS Machine

Before we move on MTN momo agent commission calculation and momo POS commission calculation, so you have to know the price of MTN momo POS price.


The Momo POS Machine Is absolutely Free, and you can get it by becoming Momo agent, then contact your MTN Sales Reps (SR) Or RD Or TDR in your location. You can simply visit any Momo or MTN office near you to get MTN Momo POS Machine by filling their form.

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Calculation of MTN MOMO Agent Commission

For selling airtime

  • When you sell airtime for MTN lines, you will get N2.75 for each N100 you sell.
  • When you sell for Airtel customers, you will get N3.5 for each N100 you sell.
  • If you sell N100 airtime for GLO customers, you will get N6.00.
  • Selling N100 airtime for 9mobile customers will help you get N5.00 for each.
  • Sell MTN data and get N4.00 for each N100 data you sell.
  • Sell Airtel data and get N3.5 for each N100 data you sell.
  • Get N5.00 for each N100 data you sell for 9mobile customers.
  • Sell N100 data and get N6.00 for GLO customers.
  • You will get N25.00 for each N100 of your withdrawals or deposits for your customers. Note that you will be charged N50 when transacting amounts from N50 to N10,00. And N100 fee for the transaction from the sum of N11,000 to N20,000.
  • Bills payments commission is meager, but you will manage it. You will get N5.00 for each N1,000 you paid.
  • Cash to cash is assisting deposits in helping customers send money to their friends and family that haven’t banked through their phone numbers. They can withdraw it at any MOMO agent shop or retailer. It is the same commission as bank withdrawals or deposits, and their fee is also the same. You will get an N25.00 commission for each transaction from N100 to N10,000, and the charge is N50.

Momo POS Machine Commission

If you have Momo POS Machine and want to know the commission, you will get for your transaction.

  • You will get N25.00 for each of your withdrawals or deposits for your customers below N10,000. Note that you will be charged N50 when transacting amounts from N50 to N10,000.
  • You will get a N56.00 commission for the transaction from the amount of N10,000 to Above. Note that there is a fee of N100 for transactions above N10,000.

How can I register with MTN MOMO agent

It is so simple to register with MTN MOMO Agent, but before you make sure that your SIM card details are yours, and make sure you follow all their rules. Then dial *502# for agents or *671# for customers, follow the instructions and do it.

How to fund your MTN MOMO agent wallet

It’s so simple for those who have an accessible bank account. You will Dial *502*6# and follow the procedures to like your budget and fund your wallet. If you don’t have an access bank account, you must follow the withdrawal procedures to withdraw money from your bank to your MTN MOMO agent wallet.


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