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By | March 24, 2024

Intro Paragraph

Staring at screens all day through work and play takes a toll! As someone who’s all about creating content just for you, I know how important it is to care for those eyes. Let’s dive into the world of World Wide Technology (WWT), a tech leader that can help businesses innovate, and see how we can make those long screen days a bit easier on our vision.


Section 1: WWT, the Tech Giant with a Heart

World Wide Technology (WWT) isn’t just another faceless corporation. They’re a global force in tech solutions, tackling digital transformation, supply chains, and all things IT to help businesses thrive in this digital world. Picture them as the tech-savvy superheroes customizing solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. But WWT doesn’t stop there – they’re really invested in making a difference.


Section 2: Eyes on the Prize – Protecting Your Vision

  • Tip 1: The 20-20-20 Rule is Your Friend Every 20 minutes, shift your gaze to something 20 feet away for a full 20 seconds. This gives your eyes a much-needed break.👀
  • Tip 2: Test Drive Tech WWT’s got an amazing Advanced Technology Center where you can try the latest gear before you buy. This not only helps your business but gives your eyes a break from the same old screen!

Section 3: WWT: Innovation, Responsibility, and Looking Out for Us!

WWT doesn’t just talk the talk – they invest in new tech and they care about the planet and their communities. I love that! They don’t just help businesses succeed, they’re about making the world better for everyone, and who doesn’t want to get behind that? This commitment to being a good citizen shines through in everything they do, including making sure their own team is diverse and feels valued.

  • Tip 3: Light it Right Harsh lighting and glare are your eyes’ enemies. Keep your workspace softly lit and adjust screen brightness to match. 💡


WWT might be a tech giant, but they’ve clearly got a human focus. If you’re running a business or just someone who’s glued to their devices a bit too much (I feel you!), they’re worth checking out. And remember, those eyes are precious! Take breaks, adjust your workspace, and be kind to your vision.

Focus on WWT as an Employer

  • Headline: Working at WWT: Where Tech Meets Heart
  • Snippet: WWT seems like one of those rare places where you can build a tech career and feel like you’re making a difference. Their emphasis on innovation, giving back, and a diverse workforce really resonates with me. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play with all that cool tech in the Advanced Technology Center? It’d be like being in a giant tech playground!

WWT’s Impact on Everyday Life

  • Headline: From Your Phone to Your Doctor’s Visit: WWT’s Tech is Everywhere
  • Snippet: Ever order something online and have it magically appear the next day? Or get super-fast, reliable service at your favorite store? Chances are, WWT’s tech solutions are behind the scenes, making things smoother and more efficient. They even work with hospitals and healthcare providers – think better wait times, or even tech that aids in diagnosis! It’s cool to think how a company like this touches our lives without us even realizing it.

Humanizing their Leaders

  • Headline: The Visionaries Behind WWT: More Than Just Business Suits
  • Snippet: I’d love to do a bit of digging and see if we can highlight a few of WWT’s top people with short profiles. What got them started in tech? What drives them outside of work? It’s always more engaging when we realize there are real people with passions behind these big companies.

Additional Tips for Eye Care

  • Don’t Forget to Blink! Staring at screens reduces our blink rate, which dries out eyes. Consciously blink often.
  • Anti-Glare for the Win Consider screen protectors or glasses with anti-glare coating to reduce harsh reflections.
  • Lubricating Eye Drops to the Rescue When eyes feel dry and gritty, over-the-counter lubricating drops can provide some relief.

Specific Technology Solutions and Eye Health

  • Blue Light Filtering: Delve into the science behind blue light from screens and its potential impact on eye strain and sleep patterns. Explain how WWT might utilize blue light filtering technology in its solutions or recommend it to clients.
  • Adaptive Displays: Research whether WWT helps businesses implement adaptive display technologies. These adjust screen brightness and color warmth based on ambient light, potentially easing eye discomfort.
  • Ergonomics Expertise: Does WWT offer consulting services on workspace ergonomics for optimal screen viewing? A short section on proper posture and monitor placement ties into the eye care message.

WWT Case Studies

  • Industry-Specific Examples: Seek out public WWT case studies that highlight real-world solutions they’ve implemented. Focus on industries where workers might be prone to eye strain (hospital staff, graphic designers, etc.). This illustrates how WWT understands the eye health needs of different workforces.
  • Before and After: Ideally, find a case study showcasing measurable improvements in employee eye comfort or productivity after WWT implemented technology changes. Real-world data is always compelling to the reader.

Community Impact

  • Partnerships with Eye Care Organizations: Has WWT partnered with non-profits focused on eye health education, vision screenings, or access to glasses in underserved communities? This aligns perfectly with your theme of prioritizing eye health.
  • Employee Volunteer Initiatives: Does WWT encourage employee volunteerism with organizations related to vision and eye care? This highlights their commitment at a personal level.

Additional Ways to Present Information

  • Infographic: Create a visually appealing infographic summarizing key facts about WWT, its innovative spirit, and top tips for eye care while using technology.
  • Q & A with a WWT Expert: If possible, arrange a short interview with someone at WWT who specializes in areas relevant to eye health (ergonomics, display tech, etc.). Their insights would provide expert credibility.

Areas to Investigate

  • Internal Eye Care Initiatives: Does WWT offer any in-house programs or resources for their employees regarding healthy screen habits and overall eye care? This could include eye health education, reminders for breaks, ergonomic assessments, or even subsidized eye exams.
  • Client Focus on Wellness: When consulting with clients, does WWT promote the consideration of employee eye health and well-being as part of their tech solutions? Do they have a specific approach or set of guidelines towards reducing digital eye strain?
  • Future Tech Collaborations: Is WWT actively partnering with tech companies, research institutions, or healthcare groups on developing new solutions designed to minimize eye strain? Understanding their interest in this area tells us even more about the company’s priorities.
  • Data on Eye Strain & Productivity: This might be a long shot, but has WWT done any internal studies or collected data that shows the correlation between implementing eye-care solutions and employee productivity or well-being? These kinds of numbers have a significant impact on businesses who might care less about general health and more about the bottom line.

How to Get This Information

  • WWT Media Contact: Check out the WWT website for a press or media relations contact. Explain your interest as a content creator in the topic of digital eye health and that you’d like to showcase WWT’s approach.
  • LinkedIn: Search for WWT employees in roles that might touch upon these areas (Human Resources, Wellness Coordinators, Technology Specialists) and reach out politely to see if they’d be willing to offer insights.
  • Social Media: Monitor WWT’s social channels for any events, webinars, or announcements that might relate to employee well-being or partnerships that hint at the information you need.


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