How To Borrow Data From MTN: All What You Need To Know About MTN XtraByte 2023

By | May 31, 2022

Howdy, are you exhausted your data on MTN, and you want to know how to borrow data from MTN, so don’t worry, you are on the right point.

In this article, I will show you how to borrow data from MTN when you exhaust your current bundle and how to repay it, and how to recharge for it, so read this article up to the end, and let’s get started.


MTN XtraByte

MTN XtraByte allows any MTN customer to borrow data when you are out of data. MTN also makes it easy for their customers to borrow data, so I will show you how to check if you qualify.


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How To Become Eligible

There are some requirements that MTN XtraByte needs before you can elect to borrow data from them so that I will list them now.

  • You have to get MTN line; I mean, your MTN must be working.
  • You must register your MTN MTN number, and you are calling with it.
  • You have to recharge N200 at most minor and spend it in the three months using your MTN line.
  • Your MTN account must be N0 or not up to N12 at the time you want to borrow data, which means your account must be empty.

How To Check If You Are Eligible

If you followed those steps I mentioned above, I confirmed that you would be eligible to use MTN XtraByte, but let me show you how to check if you qualify.

  1. Open your phone dialer and dial *606#. Make sure you dial it using the MTN SIM card you want to borrow data with it.
  2. Then select my account when it popped up.
  3. Then select 1 to check if you are eligible to borrow data from MTN, and see how much you can borrow.
  4. Then some messages will pop up on your phone screen like this,

” Y’ello, you can enjoy the MTN XtraByte. You can now borrow up to N500. Just dial *606# to request and advance at any time. Thank you. “

But at the place of N500 may be your own will not be the same.

If you saw Some messages like this,


” Y’ello, to borrow airtime/data, you must recharge and spend N200 for 3 months. “

That means you are not eligible to borrow data from MTN.

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Why Borrow Data From MTN

There are different reasons why you need to borrow data from MTN, but the primary reason is when you have exhausted your current bundle, and you need data quickly.

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How MTN XtraByte Fees Are Calculated

There is a fee of 15% on every data you borrow, which means the costs will be deducted together with the remaining loan when you recharge your MTN account. Let me give you examples.

  • If you borrowed 100MB for N100, you would repay N115.
  • If you borrowed 200MB for N200, you would repay N235.
  • If you borrowed 350MB for N300, you would repay N345.
  • If you borrowed 750MB for N500, you would repay N575.
  • If you borrowed 1.5GB for N1,000, you would repay N1,150.

How To Borrow Data From MTN Using *606#

  1. Open your phone dialler.
  2. Dial *606# and send using your MTN line.
  3. Then reply with 2, or borrow data option.
  4. Select the data amount you want to borrow.
  5. Then your MTN data account will be credited.

MTN XtraByte Data Validity

As I said before, there are charges of 15% on every data bundle you borrowed, which you will repay together with the data you borrowed.

MTN XtraByte has a different bundle than the original data. It has a daily, weekly, and monthly bundle, but below are some of them.

  • 20MB for N25, valid for 24 hours.
  • 40MB for N50, valid for 24 hours.
  • 100MB for N100, valid for 24 hours.
  • 200MB for N200, valid for 2 days.
  • 350MB for N300, valid for 7 days.
  • 750MB for N500, valid for 14 days.
  • 1.5GB for N1000, valid for 30 days.

How To Repay Borrowed Data

MTN makes it easy for you to repay a current borrowed data using your airtime or data, you will just recharge your MTN main account, and it will automatically be deducted.

If you want to repay with data, dial *606# and reply with repaying option, enter the amount you wish to refund, and send, you will repay a confirmation SMS.

How To Borrow Data From MTN Using XtraByte Call Center

  1. Call 606 using your MTN SIM card.
  2. Then you will select your preferred language by pressing your language option number, for English press 1, for Hausa press 2, for Yoruba press 3, for Igbo press 4.
  3. Then reply with borrowed data option by pressing the data option number.
  4. You will hear all bundles you are eligible to borrow.
  5. Reply with the bundle number you want to borrow.
  6. Once the system confirmed your request, you will receive a message that your account has been credited.

How To Check Borrowed Data Balance On MTN

  1. Dial *606# and send on your MTN line.
  2. Select manage my account.
  3. Select my account balance.
  4. Then scroll down, and you will see all your MTN XtraByte account balances.

How To Borrow 50 Naira Data From MTN

If you want to know how to borrow data from MTN, but you only need to borrow N50 naira data to your MTN, you will dial *606*50# and send.

How To Deactivate MTN XtraByte

If you have already repaid your current borrowed bundle and you don’t need to reborrow again, you will continue recharging your line without you borrowing it.

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How To Transfer Borrowed Data On MTN

According to the MTN XtraByte, you can’t transfer your borrowed data from your MTN line to another. You must use it up until it is finished.

Can I Use Borrowed Airtime To Buy Data On MTN

Yes, you can use your borrowed data to buy data on MTN for yourself and other MTN users, then repay it later also as like every recharged airtime can do something, your borrowed can, your airtime can did, except to transfer it.


I hope you learned how to borrow data from MTN and repay it later using your airtime or data. Also, you learned how to borrow using XtraByte Call Center 606.

So if this article was helpful for you, please share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions, please write them in the comment section.


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