How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Airtel: A Simple Methods 2023

By | April 20, 2022

Are you facing data auto renewal on your airtel line, and you want to know how to solve it?

In this article I will go to show you how to stop data auto renewal on airtel using different easiest methods, just read this article from first up to end.


Why Stop Data Auto Renewal On Airtel

Airtel data auto-renewal can automatically deduct money from your airtel main account, and sometimes, it can resubscribe a bundle without your constant, and the bundle can expire without you knowing, which means data wastage.


In addition, airtel data auto-renewal can repurchase data for you at any time, so that it can be purchased and expired without you knowing, so that in this article I will show steps by steps on how to stop data auto renewal on airtel, so let’s get started.

How To Active Data Auto Renewal On Airtel

At the time you are purchasing the bundle, there are two options at the end like this,

  • Continue browsing from my airtime/160MB extra,
  • Stop my data.

So if you want to active data auto renewal for this bundle on your airtel just reply with the first option and send.


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How To Deactivate Current Data Plan In Airtel

During data subscribing, at the last option there are two options, then select the second option that said: Stop My Data, which means when your data is finished, it will not opt-in auto-renewal.

Airtel Data Deactivate Codes

Below are the USSD Codes we should use to cancel airtel data auto renewal.

  • For Daily bundles, dial *141*50*1#,
  • For Weekly bundles, dial *141*500*2#,
  • For Monthly bundles, dial *408*100#,
  • For Bingle bundles, dial *141*1504*1#,
  • For Mega bundles, dial *408*100#,
  • For Android bundles, dial *438*100#.

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Airtel

  1. Open your phone dialer,
  2. Dial the bundle deactivation codes you want to cancel.
  3. To cancel daily bundles auto-renewal, dial *141*50*1#.
  4. To cancel weekly bundles auto-renewal, dial 141500*1#.
  5. To cancel monthly bundles auto-renewal, dial *408*100#.
  6. To cancel bingle bundles, dial *141*1504*1#.
  7. To cancel mega monthly bundles, dial *408*100#.
  8. To cancel Android bundles, dial *438*100#.
  9. Then send it using your airtel line,
  10. You will receive a confirmation SMS.

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On Airtel Nigeria Using SMS

  1. Open your phone SMS app,
  2. Add 141 as the message receiver,
  4. You will see all your active airtel data auto renewal has been successfully canceled, that’s it.

How To Stop Opera Mini Bundle Auto Renewal On Airtel

To cancel opera mini data auto renewal on your airtel line, just send STOP to 141 on SMS using the airtel line you want to cancel for.

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How To Deactivate 50 Naira Daily Plan On Airtel

To cancel N50 bundle on your airtel line just dial *141*50*1#, you can also do it through your SMS by just sending STOP to 141.

How To Deactivate 100 Naira Daily Plan On Airtel

You subscribed N100 daily plan on your airtel line, and it’s an opt-in auto renewal, so don’t worry, if you want to opt-out just dial *141*50*1# or send STOP to 141 to cancel it.

What Is The Best Airtel Deactivate Codes In 2022

Any airtel data auto-renewal deactivation codes are best, it just depends on the customer’s preference, but in my opinion, sending STOP to 141 using SMS is the best.

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Hope now anyone that reads this article knows how to stop data auto renewal on airtel, and know how to cancel any airtel data auto renewal using different and easiest methods, so that if you have any questions please feel free to write them in the comment section.


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