How To Check Airtel Number: Fastest And Simple Ways 2023

By | January 26, 2022

In this article, I will go on to show you how to check Airtel number using the fastest and easiest ways. so please read this article from first to end to understand it well.

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What is Airtel

Airtel is a communication company that provides telecommunication products and services for people to help them in technology’s world.

In addition, Airtel provides SIM cards for people to help them in performing calls with their friends and family. also, Airtel provides more telecommunication products like WiFi, MI-FI, and routers.


However, Airtel is the most popular telecommunication company in Africa, which has thousands of users in the world. also, Airtel has more fantastic products that time will not allow me to list it for you, Because this is not our main topic. so let’s move.

What is Number

Numbers are the count figure that helps us to count something. also with numbers, we can easily know how much quantity of anything.

In addition, numbers help us to arrange and organize any kinds of goods without forgetting their quantity.

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What is Airtel Number

Airtel number is an ID number that any Airtel SIM card came with it, when you bought a new SIM card there’s a number that came with it. This is what is called a SIM card number.

However, before you start using your SIM card you must know its number before registering for it.

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Why check our Airtel Number

It’s very important to know your Airtel SIM card number, which will help you to give it to someone to call you or chat with you on social media.

However, your SIM card number is your ID number, which you can not register, swap, upgrade and update your SIM card without knowing your SIM card number. so let’s try to check it out.

Code to check Airtel Number

This is the first simple way to check your Airtel number by following this process.

  1. Dial *121# on your phone dialer.
  2. Call it using your Airtel SIM card.
  3. It will Pop up a message for you.
  4. Then press 3 and send on it.
  5. It will display again.
  6. Press 4 and send.
  7. Your Airtel number will display, then click it. it will redirect you to your phone dialer.
  8. Then save it.

Shortcode for check Airtel Number

The above process was so easy, but this one is easiest than that one, with that one you must follow more steps. but with this one you will just follow a few steps, so let’s try it.

  1. Open your phone dialer.
  2. Dial *121*3*4#.
  3. Then press the call button.
  4. It will Pop up your Airtel number.
  5. Click on the number to save it.

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How to Check Airtel Number using Airtel App

  1. Go to Google play store, or click here to redirect you to the app on the play store.
  2. Search my Airtel App.
  3. Install it.
  4. Open it, make sure your phone data is on the Airtel SIM.
  5. It will display your Airtel number.

How to check Airtel Number by calling Airtel call center

  1. Call 111 and wait until the introduction is finished.
  2. Press 2.
  3. After they finished their introduction press 1 and wait again.
  4. Then select the option they provide for you to check your number.

An alternative way to check your Airtel Number

If all the above ways are not suitable for you. you can use this process to find your Airtel number.

  1. Ask your friend’s number.
  2. Dial it on your phone.
  3. Call it using your Airtel SIM.
  4. Ask him or her to tell you the number.
  5. Then save it, that it’s.


As I said the first time. from now you will not ask anyone again to tell you how to check Airtel number. I hope now you know all the ways to check your Airtel number.

So you can choose anyone suitable for you to use with it. don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.


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