How to check Airtel Data Balance in Nigeria Using Easy Steps 2023

By | January 25, 2022

Are you an Airtel customer or user and  How to check Airtel Data Balance in Nigeria, so don’t worry.

In this article, I Will going to show you the beste asiest way to check your data balance on an Airtel SIM card.


how to check airtel data balance on an Airtel SIM card is so simple. when you have Airtel SIM and you have bought data on it. and you want to check your data balance on it.

So you will decide to ask your Friends or someone near to you. but if they didn’t know it you will move to Google and search for it.


Don’t worry from now you will not do all that again. even you can help some to check his own. because I will show you the simple ways to check your data balance in the easiest different ways.

What is Data

Data is a foundation that helps you to be on the internet and browse with your SIM card. that’s why any SIM card company provides a data package for their customers to subscribe to, which will allow them to browse.


However, before you subscribe or purchase any data to your SIM card you must have airtime in your SIM card or purchase it directly from your bank account to your SIM card account. and you can also buy data from retailers.

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Why check our Airtel data balance

However, their many reasons that make us decide to check our data balance, but the majority of reasons are to Know how much data remain in our SIM card. how long my data will be from the time I checked it and when my data will expire so let’s start it.


How to check Airtel data balance via USSD code

Airtel has more ways that help you to check your data using USSD, but we should recommend you to use this way. because it’s very simple to use and easy to remember. you will just follow the few steps to check it out.

  1. Dial *140# on your phone dialer using an Airtel SIM card.
  2. Click ok.
  3. Check your SMS, you will see the message from 141 immediately, which contains your data balance and its expiration date.

How to check your data balance on article using Airtel App

Before you check your data balance on Airtel App you must install their app. If you don’t have it follow these steps to download it.

  1. Open your mobile phone data connection.
  2. Go to Google play store.
  3. Search my Airtel App, or click here For the app.
  4. Install it.
  5. Open it and sign in.

So after you have installed the Airtel App follow these steps to check your data balance on it.

  1. Open your data connection.
  2. Open your Airtel App.
  3. Sign in with the number you want to its data balance.
  4. After you have successfully signed it, it will display the main dashboard for you.
  5. Your data balance will display, if not click on my account you will see it.

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How to view your Airtel data balance through Airtel call center

  1. Dial 111.
  2. Then after they answered your call press 2.
  3. Then wait for them to complete their introduction.
  4. After they finished it press 1.
  5. Then still wait again until they finished it.
  6. Then press 5.
  7. Then you will wait for them to message you with your data balance on the Airtel you called them with it.

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However, you have already know how to check Airtel data balance, but I know that some of you will start thinking about which way is the best. so I highly recommend you to use the USSD code because it’s very accurate and easy.


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