How to reset Android phone when Locked in easy way 2023

By | January 22, 2022

Is ‘How to reset Android phone when Locked’ is your question?, if yes you are on the right place, just read this article from first to end, lets start.

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What is Android phone in resetting Android when locked

Android phone is a mobile phone found many years ago to help people in their life with technology.

Android phones can deliver your message anywhere. also, an Android phone can store your data and information with the highest protection.


In addition, you can learn, train, and educate with an Android phone, you can easily share your data with someone far from you with Android.

What is reset in resetting Android phone when Locked

Rest is the process of formatting a mobile phone and computer to become fresh. rest also can help you, to format your Android phone to become fresh with factory default settings.

Also, their two types of rest, which the one is the one you do when you have access to the Android phone settings. and the second one is the one that when you don’t have access to an Android phone, this means when you forgot keys.


However, when you reset your Android phone, you have to know that everything will be deleted permanently. So you have to back up your data before resetting your Android phone when Locked.

What is Locked in reset Android phone when Locked

Locked simple means when something is locked with some keys that nobody can unlock without the keys. also in Android, you can lock your phone with keys, but not the original keys you knew. Android keys are PINs, Passwords, and Patterns, which you can choose any one of them to set.

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Why reset Android phone when Locked

Sometimes you may set strong Passwords, PINs, or Patterns to secure your information, data and so much more on your Android phone. when you want to lock your Android phone, you decided to set a key that nobody can know to unlock your phone, so you use a strong one to lock it,

The reason why to reset Android phone when Locked is when you forgot your keys, that your Android can only be unlocked with it. so we must reset our Android if you want to continue using it.

Can you recover photos after a factory reset Android

Yes, you can recover your photos and data after you reset your Android, but you can do that you must have to set some settings in your Android phone,

  1. You have to add email to your Android phone.
  2. You have to enable a backup set.
  3. You have to re-add the same email after a factory reset.

Note that there are two types of rest as I mentioned above, the first one reset your Android through the settings.

so that before that you can enable a backup set to automatically backup your data or do it manually, while the second one is not through the settings and you don’t have a chance to backup if you don’t set the instructions I mentioned above.

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Can I reset my Android phone without losing data and apps

Yes, you can rest your Android phone without losing apps and data, but if the reset is through the settings. and if not, you can restore them your apps and data through your email, you have to back up your data, apps, and files before resetting.

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How to reset Android phone when Locked

  1. Power off your Android phone.
  2. Make sure you have enough charge.
  3. Press the power button and volume down button until the phone power on.
  4. When the phone power on finding the factory reset option.
  5. Click it, you will not use a sensor, the power button is used as ok, while the volume up button is used as to up and volume down is used to go down.
  6. After clicking factory reset you will wait, until the phone power off and power on.
  7. After the phone power on, start using it as fresh.

How to reset Android phone when unlocked

  1. Go to your Android settings.
  2. Then go to more settings, ( for itel users only ).
  3. Find reset options.
  4. Click it.
  5. Then select the type of rest you want.
  6. Reset WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth. this is for resetting your Android Network and sharing settings.
  7. Reset apps preference. this is for resetting apps to be fresh without losing data and apps.
  8. Erase all data or factory reset. this is for resetting all Android, you can your data if you do not turn on the backup set or do it manually.
  9. After selecting the one. it will ask for your keys.
  10. Enter your Android phone keys.
  11. Click ok, that’s it.

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I hope now you know how to reset android phone when locked without losing your data or information.

This article is for educational purposes, please do not use it illegally, if you have any questions feel free to write it here.


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