How to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot through using Bluetooth in best way 2023

By | January 15, 2022

If you want to know how to share internet from Mobile to mobile without hotspot, it is the process of connecting mobile internet on two mobile devices using one mobile internet.

A hotspot is the default setting on any mobile device, which mobile users to share their internet or data on it. That’s why some bad people use it in irregular activities through it, like stealing your information, hacking your mobile phone, all through the hotspot. That’s why we recommend you to use Bluetooth to share your internet. You can check here to know what a hotspot is.


What is Bluetooth in sharing internet mobile from Mobile without hotspot

Bluetooth is created, and the default setting on mobile is to share files, media, and internet to another mobile.


Bluetooth also helps you to share any data with your friends. Also, Bluetooth can help to share information, data, and media with your computer.

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Why do we choose Bluetooth in sharing the internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot

Bluetooth has futures that hotspots haven’t. Also, Bluetooth has to protect lots that can help you secure your information from hacking and stealing


Bluetooth secures your information which no one can take without your constant. You can check our previous post to learn why we choose Bluetooth as the best for sharing the internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot.

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How to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot

Enable Bluetooth Tethering To share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot

To enable the Bluetooth internet share setting on your mobile, follow these instructions

  1. Go to your mobile settings.
  2. Find and click the connection setting.
  3. Then click hotspot and tethering.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth tethering.

Connect Bluetooth with mobile you want to share internet from mobile without hotspot with it

  1. Open your mobile Bluetooth.
  2. Open second mobile Bluetooth.
  3. Connect the Bluetooth.
  4. Open the first mobile data connection, and it will be successfully connected.

To control your mobile internet, go and repeat the step on enabling Bluetooth internet share and unable it, that is it.

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I hope now you know how to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot simply using Bluetooth.

In addition, you have to note that this article is for educational purposes. Please don’t misuse it or cheat someone. If you have any questions write them down, we are here to help you.


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