How to share mobile internet via hotspot using best way 2023

By | January 14, 2022

Howdy readers, in this article, I will go to show you how to share mobile internet via hotspot using the most straightforward ways.

Sharing Mobile internet via hotspot is a sharing of Internet connection from your mobile to another mobile phone, device, and computer.


What is mobile internet

Mobile internet is a connection that mobile devices come with it. It can only use when you insert a sim that has data, and it helps you to be on the internet, browse, and so much more all through your mobile phone.


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What is sharing of mobile internet via hotspot

It’s the process of helping or assisting someone with his mobile phone, device, and computer to be on the internet. Browse and so more with your mobile internet.

Why to share mobile internet via hotspot

Sometimes your friends have to need to be online, but they don’t have a data connection. and the where to get it is too far. And also, their problem is an emergency to solve, so that they may need your help. 


Also, sometimes you have a computer, and you don’t have a chance to buy MI-FI, WI-FI, ROOTER and internet model to connect the internet to your computer. this will help you to connect your computer with your mobile internet connection.

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What is mobile hotspot

A hotspot is a default setting created on a mobile device that helps the mobile user to share their internet via hotspot. Also, with a hotspot, you can share files, media, information, and much more. 


In addition, Hotspot protects your information to be safe and secure. Nobody can steal it without your constant. So please follow the complete instructions to share your mobile internet via hotspot.

Why we choose share mobile internet via hotspot

Sharing Mobile internet via hotspot is confident because it is the best simple way to share mobile internet. Also, know that you are just sharing your mobile internet, not your information, and at any time, you can disconnect it as you want.

In addition, if you know how to share mobile internet via hotspot before now, there are some changes, you have to read this article from first up to end.

Steps on how to share mobile internet via hotspot

For the first mobile

  1. Go to your mobile setting,
  2. Find and click the connection setting,
  3. Turn it on,
  4. Then click hotspot name,
  5. Then change the name to what you want,
  6. Then click ok,
  7. Then click password, change the password to what you can remember never leave it as the default password,
  8. Then click ok,
  9. Click security, change it to the second one, and leave it at none.

For the second mobile

  1. Go to your mobile setting,
  2. Find and click the WiFi setting,
  3. Then turn it on, and it will search all the nearby hotspots that are turned on,
  4. Select the ones you want to connect with it, and your hotspot will appear with the name you set it,
  5. Then click it, and it will ask password,
  6. Enter the password, password you set during the setting of your hotspot,
  7. Then click ok, and it will be successfully connected.

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I hope you know how to share mobile internet via hotspot on your mobile phone and computer.

This post is for educational purposes, not to cheat someone please use it the right way. If you have any questions, please feel free to write them here.


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