How To Turn Off YouTube Videos Auto Play Best Way To Solve It 2023

By | January 13, 2022

Do you want to know how to turn off YouTube videos auto play? So don’t worry, you are at the right post to know it. Let’s get started?

YouTube is the most popular video platform found by Google company. YouTube provides and connects people through videos. Also, YouTube helps people educate, Learn, and train more skills simply through their videos.


What is YouTube videos auto play and why is for

YouTube videos auto play is a default setting that will enable any video to start playing anytime, when you enter YouTube or when you watched some video without your consent. That helps videos creator to get more engagement or views on their videos.


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Why to turn off YouTube videos auto play

Sometimes videos that you may not want will play, and that can cause data and battery consumption. It also can cause unwanted videos to play because when one video autoplay, it will tell YouTube that you were interested in this video. YouTube will start showing this same kind of video for you, and you may not want it.

Steps on how to turn off YouTube videos auto play

  1. Go to your YouTube setting
  2. Click on autoplay
  3. Then you will see it on, then turn it off, that’s it.


I hope now you know how to turn off YouTube videos auto-play.


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