New Code To Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal 2023

By | April 18, 2022

Before I show you the new code to stop MTN data auto renewal, I knew may some of you are receiving this message from MTN with bundle details you subscribed to.

Dear customer, your 2GB data will expire on 18/04/2022, and it will be renewed and N500 will be deducted from your main account.


Yello Customer, your 2GB bundle has been successfully renewed and N500 has been deducted from your account.

Is this kind of message you are receiving from MTN, so don’t worry, in this article I will go to show you a new code to stop any MTN data auto renewal, let’s get started.


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What Is Data Auto-Renewal

Data auto-renewal is the automatic resubscribing of data by the data providers, which means when you subscribed to any bundle and you enable data auto-renewal, it will automatically resubscribe the bundle when the first one is exhausted.


However, data auto-renewal can work only when you enable it during data subscribing to the bundle, so you have to take care that you haven’t enabled it.

In addition, data auto-renewal can resubscribe the bundle only when there is the amount in your MTN main account, that’s means when it’s time to renew and your MTN main account balance is empty or the amount is low, the data auto-renewal will be failed, and you will receive a message like this one.

Yello Customer, your 2GB data auto-renewal was not successful due to the insufficient account balance.


How To Buy Data Without Oft-in Auto-Renewal

At this point, you are reading this article and you don’t have any MTN bundle oft-in auto renewal, so these are the steps you will follow when you are subscribing bundle to avoid enabling it.

During subscribing data subscribing bundle you will see two options at the end.

  1. Auto-Renew,
  2. One-Off.

Then select the second one to disable auto-renewal.

Code To Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal

  1. Open your phone dialer,
  2. Dial *312*1*11*3#,
  3. Select the option that has the bundle you want to oft-out,
  4. Press 1 to continue,
  5. You will receive a message that your bundle has been oft-out from auto renewal.

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How To Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal In Nigeria

According to the MTN, the above codes are general codes to cancel any MTN bundle except for some social bundles, and it’s the best code to stop MTN data auto renewal so that you can use it everywhere you go in Nigeria with your MTN line.

How To Cancel All Data Subscription On MTN

For Daily Bundles

  • 40MB daily plan, send NO114 to 312.
  • 75MB daily data plan, send NO114 to 312.
  • 1GB daily data plan, send NO115 to 312.

For Weekly Bundles

  • 200MB 2-days bundle, send NO113 to 312.
  • 2GB 2-days bundle, send NO154 to 312.
  • 350MB 7-days bundle, send NO102 to 312.
  • 750MB 7-days bundle, send NO103 to 312.

For Monthly Bundles

  • 1.5GB 30-days bundle, send NO106 to 312.
  • 2GB 30-days bundle, send NO100 to 312.
  • 3GB 30-days bundle, send NO109 to 312.
  • 3.5GB 30-days bundle, send NO110 to 312.
  • 4.5GB 30-days bundle, send NO107 to 312.

How To Stop Social Bundles Auto Renewal

How To Cancel Whatsapp Bundle Auto Renewal

  • WhatsApp daily bundle, Send STOPWAD to 312.
  • WhatsApp weekly bundle, send STOPWAW to 312.
  • WhatsApp monthly bundle, send STOPWAM to 312.

How To Cancel Facebook Bundle Auto Renewal On MTN

  • Facebook daily bundle, send STOPFBD to 312.
  • Facebook weekly bundle, send STOPFBW to 312.
  • Facebook monthly bundle, send STOPFBM to 312.

How To Cancel Instagram Bundle Auto Renewal

  • Instagram daily bundle, send STOPINSD to 312.
  • Instagram weekly bundle, send STOPINSW to 312.
  • Instagram monthly bundle, send STOPINSM to 312.

Code To Stop 2GO Auto-Renewal

  • 2GO daily bundle, send STOP2GOD to 312.
  • 2GO weekly bundle, send STOP2GOW to 312.
  • 2GO monthly bundle, send STOP2GOM to 312.

Code To Stop We-chat Auto-Renewal

  • We-chat daily bundle, send STOPWCD to 312.
  • We-chat weekly bundle, send STOPWCW to 312.
  • We-chat monthly bundle, send STOPWCM to 312.

How To Cancel Eskimi Data Auto Renewal

  • Eskimi daily bundle, send STOPESKD to 312.
  • Eskimi weekly bundle, send STOPESKW to 312.
  • Eskimi monthly bundle, send STOPESKM to 312.

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Hope now you know the new code to stop MTN data auto renewal, which can be used to cancel any MTN data auto renewal.

In addition, hope you learned how to cancel all social bundle auto-renewal, so if you have any questions please feel free to write them in the comment section.


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