How To Share Data On MTN: A Simple Methods 2021 – 2023

By | April 28, 2022

MTN is one of the most popular telecommunication companies that have a million customers, are you one of them and do you want to know how to share data on MTN, or buy data for your friends or someone else?

In this article I will go to show you how to transfer data on MTN to another MTN line, also I will you how to buy data for friends using USSD Codes and SMS, so just keep mine that this article is very useful, read it up to end, let’s get started.


Information You Need To Know About Sharing Data On MTN

MTN allows every customer to share data with his or her friend or someone, also you can directly buy for him or her from your MTN account to his or her MTN account.


Also, before you can use MTN data gifting services, you must agree with their terms and conditions, which every customer must agree with it, and you must enable or set your transaction PIN to start using MTN data gifting services.

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However, there is a limit of data you can share with your friends every day, which is 1GB (1024MB) every day, you can transfer data on MTN to someone for up to 1GB, but there is no limit on buying data for a friend, you can buy data for your friends on MTN unlimited.

In addition, MTN data gifting services are free, so if you want to how to share data on MTN, and you think there is a fee for it, you are wrong, there is no hidden fee for sharing data on MTN,


Lastly, in this article, we should use two different methods to transfer data on MTN, which are USSD Codes and SMS, so let’s get started.

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How To Share Data On MTN 2021 – 2022

  1. Open your phone dialer,
  2. You just need to dial *312*7#, or *312# and select option 6,
  3. Then select option 1,
  4. Enter the recipient’s phone number,
  5. Select the size of the data you want to share,
  6. Then reply with 1 to proceed.

How To Transfer Data On MTN Using SMS

  1. Open your phone dialer,
  2. Send the following information to 312 on your MTN line,

Transfer Recipient Phone number Amount.

For Example Transfer 08012345678 500,

Make sure the recipient’s phone number is correct, then send.

Data Transfer Code For MTN – MTN Data Transfer Code 2021 – 2023

The simple MTN data transfer code is *312*recipient phone number*amount#.

For Example: *312*08012345678*500#, to transfer 500MB, you can Also dial *312*7#, then select 1 and enter the recipient phone number and data size you want to share, then send.

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How To Share More Than 1GB On MTN

accordingly, you can not share data on MTN more than 1GB, but you can more than 1GB for someone, I will show you how to buy data on MTN for your friend, you can buy for a friend unlimited.

How To Buy Data On MTN For Friend Or Someone

  1. All you need to do is to dial *312*7*2#,
  2. Then select the bundle type and size you want to buy for,
  3. Then enter your friend’s phone number,
  4. Then send.


I hope now you know how to share data on MTN, using different and simple methods, so if this article was helped you please share it with your friends and family, if you have any questions please feel free to write them in the comment section.


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